What do I Want Them to Say?

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What do I want them to say when I’m gone?

There’s an ancient wisdom ritual that invites you to meditate on your death, on the end of your life. We go to the end and what we leave behind, in order to backwards map how to live your days, how to fill your moments and to contemplate what really matters.

I think about this all the time.

Have you done this? Write down what comes to mind, let it be free flow- don’t over think it.

At my “celebration of life” service, what will they say?

I want them to say,

She was kind and generous, open and brave.

She was fun and whole-hearted.

She loved life and learning and sharing.

She shared music and words that touched the soul.

She wanted everyone to read and play and hug and tell the truth.

She loved humans and books and her babies and Mel, her anchor.

She helped people, she saw people, she loved people.

She took time to write notes and check in.

She listened. She held hands. She was in no rush to live her life.

She linked arms with others and helped them circle, helped them rise.

Her pain was her gift. Her questions, the teachers.

She felt the human experience in every bone in her body.

She was not afraid of the dark and it led her to the light.

She met her ghosts and her past with open arms.

But most of all, she was just open about who she was.

She made lots of mistakes and she shared her stories.

She was devoted to her life on earth, in honor of her life beyond.



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Pleasance Shamirah

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