The Melt

Pleasance Shamirah
2 min readOct 26, 2022

When I was not really paying attention to my life, the seasons just flew by.

I was not tuned in enough to feel into what was happening around me.

I did not know that each season had it’s own unique set of qualities that were effecting my emotional and physical body. I mean, of course I knew it was cold in the Winter but I continued to push a very full and busy schedule, eating salads in the name of health, and drinking ice water.

Ayurveda has taught me about the 5 element theory. If all living things are made of the 5 elements, INCLUDING US, then in order to feel vibrant optimal health, you have to consider what’s opening on the outside AND the inside.

DUH! SO simple, COMMON SENSE! ( that’s what I love about Ayurveda, it makes so much sense)

So, as we turn the corner to end Winter, I want to remind everyone that in this season, there is a “melting” of the emotions that can happen.

You see, in the COLD, DRYNESS of Vata, sometimes our emotions freeze. We can keep things inside. We isolate. And then, as we start to warm up, tears start to flow. We start to feel and feel as our whole world shifts to Spring. Blossoms and possibility and births all over.

So be gentle with yourself as you awaken. Be curious as to what happens in this season. Take notes, pay attention.

Next year, when you get to the same season, look for patterns.

Yep, I said, NEXT YEAR.

Create a relaxed attitude towards what’s happening, look at the long game.

There’s ease in this approach.

What happens year over year in my life? as I age? my children? my relationships?

What hard things have I been through?

What can I celebrate?

What has come to an end?

Last year at this time, what was blooming?

What had died over the long Winter?

What shifts occurred inner and outer life?

May we be blessed with awareness of the season.

May we hold our hearts as we grieve.

May we relax into the changes rather than resist them.

May we see the cycles of life as fuel for our days, balm for our souls.



Pleasance Shamirah

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