The Feminine Heart Craves Space

Do you ever wake up in the morning and already feel behind in your day?

Yeah, I used to do that too.

Since I closed lil omm yoga studio, 3.5 years ago, I have been intensely working with women in private mentorships, groups, workshops and retreats, all with the same purpose and mission:

to help women dig deep into WHO they are,

WHAT they want in life and

HOW they want to feel.

Then we create a plan.

I call it life design.

Women say it’s life changing.

Listen, most women I know are totally addicted to the adrenaline of the pace of their life.

It helps them feel productive, and productivity in our society= worthiness.

EXCEPT- THERE IS A LONGING AND A HUNGER FOR MORE that we can’t quite explain.. a longing and a hunger for creativity, unknown, spirit, soul and source, a thirst for soul connections and deep rest WHICH CAN NOT HAPPEN in an instant or in 24 hours or in 1 session.


When asked to relax or slow down, women often reply “ AND DO WHAT? or I don’t know how! I’m used to moving and being busy that I don’t actually know what to do when I sit down.”

Most women who I chat with are so used to being so busy AND so are THEIR BRAINS..

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO work with your nervous system for a more creative, relaxed and responsive way of living and being?

Here are some other things I wish someone had taught me:

emotions can be contagious.

emotions are energy in motion.

how to change habits of personality, it can be done!

basic brain science of stress.

how to rest and digest.

how to follow the moons and what each phase of my monthly cycle invites.

how to cultivate a dialouge with my intution and listen to her.

how to identify inner critic and inner mentor and how to work with them both, daily.

how to be proactive and in an abundant mind state in ALL areas of life.



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