So, What Is It That You Do?

My mission is to share, guide, & facilitate holistic health, vitality, engagement, connection and community for collective liberation, collective awakening, collective harmony and collective wholeness.

I use sacred & healing arts, earth-based practices, rituals and evidence based lifestyle habits for healing, wholeness and harmony in body/mind/soul.

  • B.A. Sociology/ Psychology -The George Washington University, 2000

I am Pleasance ( Shamirah) Silicki, eternal student of awe & wonder.

I work with… weaving ancestor reverence, grief & gratitude, dreams, S.O.L. practices ( Sacred Ordinary Life), healing arts, earth- based rituals, spiral and cycles, into our daily, modern, full, vibrant lives.

This feels so good.

I am the creator of …the L.O.L.A ( lil omm life academy) Community and The Village, a non-denominational, multi -faith, community that centers healing circles, studying sacred texts, gatherings, movement practices, intuitive wisdom, and living into the bigger questions of life and death.

The Village is…. at the intersection of spirituality, non linear growth, SPIRALS, regenerative practices in health, healing, wholeness and harmony.



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Pleasance Shamirah

Elemental Healing & Trauma Resolution, Life Design, Author, Speaker, Rising Kohenet, Creatrix, Weaver, Ancestral Healing. Grief/Death Support. Community Care