Personal Miracle

Finding yourself in your own body,

on your ancients land {in the dreaming world}

in the stories of the world {on the pages that were marked}

Is a miracle.

For many of us lost, lonely, orphaned-feeling souls-

In this disregulated, chaotic world of desperate wandering distraction-

finding our way home is an act of

courage, bravery, soul strength that is of the warrior-

Clearly, the ones who wrestle with the mystery,

And still get in the ring!

And so, a miracle is to be celebrated when we land

right where we are, where we have always been in the waking state,

and can look up! look around! look within and EXHALE.

Dance my child! she says.

Sing my child! she says.

Play my child! she says.

and in all worlds, we will be well.



Pleasance Shamirah

Elemental Healing & Trauma Resolution, Life Design, Author, Speaker, Rising Kohenet, Creatrix, Weaver, Ancestral Healing. Grief/Death Support. Community Care