If Anyone Can Do It, You Can.

Pleasance Shamirah
4 min readOct 25, 2022

Note to self in a noisy world.

Last week I was on the treadmill at my favorite fitness class.

This is where I go to think and breathe and relax. I spend a few minutes here most days, I don’t go all in or try to push myself to the brink of exhaustion. I mostly just jog or walk uphill and shake my wrists, arms and do breathwork and feel my body moving.

Often times, this becomes my meditation for the day. I pay attention and I get these amazing downloads from my intuition on the treadmill, a podcast theme, a blog post topic, a resource for a client, an offering for our community… I have come to trust an honor this treadmill time as a real gift in my life.

I’ve been thinking about some really big decisions for our family and I have noticed some fear, doubt and negative thoughts creeping in around the choices I have to make.

I am a gemini and I can always see things in multiple ways, usually with no “WRONG” decision.. which at times is really awesome and at other times, quite confusing.

I have a lot of options that I have created and mapped out and there is no one who can come into my life and tell me “ the best” thing for my family.

The truth is, I don’t even know what “ best” means anymore. I “fail foward” pretty much every day, constant learning mode.. shifting, pivoting, listening…

I believe in alignment, inspired actions and living into our true nature, beyond status quo. Beyond what we even think is possible. I believe that we are not really in control of our lives at all, that things are always flowing to us and away from us and a harmonious life is accepting that dance.

This way of being/ planning/ living is an act of love, intuition and as usual, letting go.

So when I got on the treadmill last week and the thoughts of fear started to show up, I took a deep breath and told her, “SHHH!”

Out of no where, my inner mentor, my guide, my protectors voice came in loud and clear.

“Pleasance, YOU CAN DO THIS. If ANYONE can do this, You CAN!”

Suddenly, my pace sped up, my steps, lighter!

I felt like I was flying on the treadmill and I kept hearing, “ If ANYONE CAN, YOU CAN!” I had a huge smile on my face as the class ended and I basically skipped home.

No matter what I decide to do, I know that I will support myself and decisions, and that feels like the ultimate freedom. I don’t feel trapped by others ideals or expectations, even in a city that thrives on “ keeping up” with the neighbors.

I chose.

I decide.

I create.

I design.

And I just have to say, that even right now, in this moment if you are thinking- “ oh that’s nice for Pleasance, but that would never work for me.” I’m going to tell you right now, that it is possible. We do not always have control over all aspects of our lives, I know this is a privilege BUT one thing we DO all have in common no matter the situation is HOW WE TALK TO OURSELVES in the moment, in our heads, during times of chaos or unknown or stress.

I share this with you so that the next time you are facing a crossroads, decision or being called to rise up/change your life -is it possible you could find the voice that will support you and cheer you on?

What does she say to you? How does she remind YOU of your true nature?

I encourage you to listen for her, what does she whisper to you?

And as you shift more towards this way of being, the questions and the doubt and fear starts to dissolve. A lot of women I know and work with have thoughts and questions and doubt that swirls endlessly- sometimes into perfectionism, sometimes into paralyiss… almost always with a sense of TELL ME WHAT TO DO or TELL ME THE RIGHT WAY to do it.

Dropping into my soul to work with these questions and talk to my soul sisters about its, creates a

I’m still in the process of mapping out what changes we are going to make and what our life will look like WITH my biggest ally and supporter and mentor guiding me through the process, myself!



Pleasance Shamirah

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