Pleasance Shamirah
2 min readFeb 6, 2023

The Work that Reconnects, a model for living in this world- has been a foundational guide, framework, practice I return to over and over again.

Here’s how I am offering to use it for embodied and integrated living-

a 30 minute intentional movement and meditation invitation.

Here’s the visual you can pull up while you put on the playlist.

Then move your body, in any way that you feel called — possibly in and out of stillness.

I aligned the songs to the principles.

  1. We start with Gratitude. SONG: Thank You. Be Beautiful Chorus.
  2. We move into Honoring Our Pain and the Pain of the World. SONG: Anchor by Novo Amor.
  3. We stay with the pain and move with it like water in our body, our practice. Song: Let that Water Wash Over Me by Peia.
  4. AND Now, shifting towards Seeing with New Eyes. What’s possible from this place of deeply rooted gratitude and acknowledging the pain of the world/ humanity? Song: The Universe by Gregory Allen Isakov.
  5. And b/c dreaming and dancing feels good- We GO FORTH — with the energy of new paradigms. Song: Days to Come by Bonobo
  6. And closing our practice, our integration with GRATITUDE- the cycle and spirals return and return again and again…Song: Thank You by Beautiful Chorus.
Image by Dori Midnight



Pleasance Shamirah

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